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    Norfolk VA Beach Engagement Session | Dzhuliyana & Tim

    Dzhuliyana & Tim’s Norfolk VA Beach Engagement Session was so much fun! We met up early in the morning to catch some of the awakening sky and lucky for us, the sky was beautiful that day. With Hampton Roads unpredictable weather, you never know what you will get on a specific day. The good news is that with communication, my couples and I always make the best of it. I love photographing at East Beach in Norfolk. It is accessible with a great parking area. It also has plenty of little spots to photograph within the neighborhood. There is always a new favorite spot to discover as long as you…

  • Downtown Norfolk Engagement
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    Ghent Engagement Session | Kaylee & BJ

    This Ghent Engagement session, like others in Downtown, is one of my favorites! I love Downtown Norfolk because my couples and I get to walk the area, talk and joke around, all while getting the right variety of photos. As it is good to start my couples with some basic instructions and see what they do with those, the more area to discover, the better. This gives you time to get lose and enjoy yourself. Besides, I don’t want to tell my couples who to be! I’d like them to be themselves and see themselves throughout the gallery. Now, a Ghent Engagement Session comes with beautiful trees in the neighborhood,…

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    Virginia Beach Wedding Proposal | Logan & Taylor

    This Virginia Beach wedding proposal will give you all the feels! Time goes by fast and I cannot believe how behind I am on blogging. We all know it has been a rough 2020 but it is time to tackle this task. So, I am here and I am trying! You may even get the chance to start seeing some of the wonderful wedding proposals I’ve shot this year, which surprisingly has been quite a few. Let’s start with Logan and Taylor. Logan contacted me back in January to book a couple’s session for his long distanced girlfriend, Taylor. She was going to come to Hampton Roads for a visit…