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Hampton Couple’s Session | Cathy and Josh

If you are looking for your own Hampton Couple’s Session, I love to try new things!

I won’t lie. I get nervous at every single wedding or session I am driving to. There is something about wanting to do your absolute best for someone. Even when my clients may say awesome things about me, I always feel I can do so much better for them because they deserve the absolute best.

Cathy and Josh’s Hampton Couple’s session wasn’t any different, except that it was nerve-racking! Cathy is a wedding photographer herself and she has tagged along as an assistant and second shooter countless times during my seven years in business, yet I had so much anxiety! Being that Cathy knows my style well, I knew she was looking for me to really use my eye and deliver something different than the rest of the local photographers, so the pressure was on.

I never tend to plan a session as it is better to think on my feet and go with the vibe and love of the couple. This allows me to be creative but at the same to stay true to my couple’s needs and wants. Now, you may know already that I love to hate my work. I am super critical of it and find myself nitpicking it constantly. Yet, there is always something to be proud of, so check out my little back scene shot at the end!

Fort Monroe Couple Session
Creative Couple Session
Fort Monroe walk
Fort Monroe tree
Fort Monroe black and white Session
Creative black and white
Creative night shot
Christmas lights

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