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Virginia Beach Wedding Proposal | Logan & Taylor

This Virginia Beach wedding proposal will give you all the feels!

Time goes by fast and I cannot believe how behind I am on blogging. We all know it has been a rough 2020 but it is time to tackle this task. So, I am here and I am trying! You may even get the chance to start seeing some of the wonderful wedding proposals I’ve shot this year, which surprisingly has been quite a few.

Let’s start with Logan and Taylor.

Logan contacted me back in January to book a couple’s session for his long distanced girlfriend, Taylor. She was going to come to Hampton Roads for a visit and he wanted to have a beautiful remembrance of their time together in the area, which is an incredible gesture all by itself. The thing is, the whole thing would be an excuse for a wedding proposal!

I didn’t know when Logan was going to get the courage to ask. At some point, I thought he got cold feet and it was not going to happen! The whole time Taylor’s ring was on his back pocket and I have no idea how Taylor didn’t notice. You can even see it on some pictures.

Even when I doubted, Logan did not disappoint. He knew exactly what was right in his heart and just as the sun is gone and dusk, which means park closing, was arriving, he surprised her by getting on one knee in one of the most beautiful areas of the park and proposed! SO MUCH WORTH IT!

I absolutely loved my time with them. Not only are they super photogenic but they are sweet, romantic, full of love and joy and I couldn’t have asked for a better time! This was one of the many rainbows of my 2020.

Enjoy their journey through Pleasure House Point Park and don’t forget to play their highlight video at the end!

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Video Highlight

Thank you so much for all the pictures, they were amazing! 

Logan & Taylor