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Kaylee & BJ | Lesner Inn 2021 Wedding

2021 Lesner Inn Wedding
Lesner Inn 2021 Wedding –

I cannot tell you how much I love Kaylee & BJ! They are so easy to be around and their love so easy to root for. They are each other’s personal cheerleaders and rocks. I am certain that their future will be brighter than they can even imagine.

Their Love Story:

When you meet your soulmate and she is wearing from head to toe a surgery gown, but you are absolutely captivated by her presence, you know it is love.

“She was beautiful. She had the prettiest eyes that drew you in kept your attention.” BJ told me.

Unfortunately for BJ, love had to wait. With time things fell into place so he started to do some subtly efforts to work together. Kaylee took notice and falling naturally into conversation, they bonded. That is when Kaylee really noticed that BJ, at least to me and probably most people that get to know him, is a genuine caring soul that fits perfectly with her own.


BJ planned to propose in Italy during their first European trip to celebrate Kaylee’s birthday. Talk about birthday celebration! He planned an intimate dinner followed by a romantic walk on the beach under a full moon with the crashing waves of the Mediterranean Sea in the background. Now, let me tell you, when you are going to propose to someone as smart and accomplished as Kaylee, you need a little bit of a Ka-Boom and well, BJ certainly delivered!

I am sure most family members were waiting for this proposal to finally happen and yet, they both kept it quiet and continued their blissful days of celebrating the engagement and birthday on the beautiful Amalfi Coast without sharing the news until returning home. Now, I love this. This intimate days of being the only two knowing they were going to plan a wedding and a lifetime together must have engraved their bond farther and giving them a chance to digest, enjoy their trip and each other.

Kaylee says life with BJ is perfect. “He changed my life more than he’ll ever know and I’m so glad I can look forward to coming home to him every day.” she has stated.

But I would argue that both have changed their lives for the better just having each other. I am excited for their future and the beginning of their beautiful legacy.

Their Wedding:

You certainly can look at these photos and relive their day.

With natural blues and greens color palette reflecting Kaylee’s love of plants, especially succulents and eucalyptus, they married with a waterfront view in Virginia Beach.

It is so especial to me who I tend to photograph at the Lesner Inn multiple times a year and yet EVERY single one feels like the first and each reflect the uniqueness of my couples.

Team who made it this 2021 Lesner Inn Wedding:

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