The Seahorse at Sandbridge Wedding | Mia & Amanda

My first time documenting a Seahorse at Sandbridge wedding and I loved it so much! Space and environment are perfect for an intimate wedding. If you are planning a Seahorse at Sandbridge wedding, let’s talk! 

I met Mia and Amanda over coffee at Cure in Norfolk. We talked about my love for espresso, our self-care journeys, and about their expectations for their wedding. Their desires for a wedding full of fun, love, and void of stress matched my desire for a carefree time. 

There is a reason why I meet and enjoy talking with every couple who inquires. Although I understand business is money, I cannot help but to only accept weddings with couples I can connect with. It doesn’t matter if you are paying me a million bucks, if I don’t connect with you, I wouldn’t be able to do my best for you. 

The more I spoke with Amanda and Mia, I was relieved. Their easy-going nature, kindness, humor, and strong will, made me love them more and more. I am so thankful to them for allowing me to document this big step and I know they will treasure these photos for a lifetime. 

Their Story…

Amanda and Mia met in high school but were only friends for a long time. It wasn’t until they were both in college that they started dating. Now, these ladies have gone through a lot of changes together. They’ve adopted a pup together, they moved to Virginia, they lost a huge amount of weight, and all with support and care for one another. Let me tell you that when they told me the weight they were before, I couldn’t believe it! They have worked so hard in life and in themselves that I cannot help but be proud and happy for them. 

Their Wedding…

The Seahorse at Sandbridge
1545 Sandbridge Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

There are a million reasons why their wedding was awesome but if you arrive at a wedding and there is a hand-stitched sign that says “Homo Sweet Homo”, well, you know it’s going to be good! 

Oh, and if I have to convince you, there was a taco bar. Yes, you read right. Guests were in taco heaven as they got all the taco fixings and all beer they desired! Can I ask for a personal mini taco bar at my weddings?  

With their love of a little DIY and a little eclectic, they started planning their laid back ceremony. Once they started planning, they realized that by keeping it simple and fun, it would be the best way to enjoy their time with family and friends. Lately, I’ve been having more and more small weddings and I am loving it! 

Their wedding did not disappoint, from the beautiful sunflowers that basked in the hot sun, to the surprise butterfly visitors, tears and laughter during their ceremony, it was all I could hope for. My hope is that you can see their joy, hard work, and love for one another through these images. 


Who made this possible?

Mia & Amanda had their wedding 99% DIY!

Their family and friends got their flowers at Sam’s club and arranged the centerpieces with supplies from the local craft store.

Amanda’s mom made the beautiful and delicious cake, while the hair and makeup were by a mutual friend. They did their own photo booth too! 

Here are the vendors that helped them out!

  • Rentals: Acclaimed Events @AcclaimedEvents_HamptonRoads
  • Dresses & Veil: David’s Bridal @davidsbridal

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