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Red Wing Park Session| Lauren & Shane

Lauren & Shane’s Red Wing Park Session was a dream!

Lauren & Shane really wanted a photo session, like really wanted one.

Back in February, I had one of weirdest Facebook Contests. It was to post a favorite GIF or Meme about wedding planning. Whoever had the most likes on their post, would win a full engagement session completely free.

Lauren & Shane worked really hard to win my GIF Facebook Giveaway and accumulated 270 likes on their GIF. That’s dedication! It is so much dedication, that they are not even engaged! I love how they simply wanted professional portraits done.

Even with all those likes they weren’t the winners, that went to Yvette & Chris, who accumulated 301! However, you know I enjoy any excuse to photograph a great couple!

I really don’t know why GIF are so relatable but you should know I have a small obsession with them. I can carry a conversation via text/messenger entirely in GIF and not feel an ounce of shame.

They decided to have their couple’s session at Red Wing Park and as I don’t get to go there often, I was quite happy to try try some old tricks with a twist. I haven’t done the Ring of Fire in a while so I am glad to still have it.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their Red Wing Park Session.

Want to see my work at Red Wing Park? Check out the link below!

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