Ashlee & Jeremy

A Rudee Inlet Engagement Session

This Rudee Engagement Session in Oceanfront comes courtesy of produce love. Love can be found anywhere… even at Harris Teeter! 

While Ashlee was eyeing the vegetables, Jeremy was eyeing her. haha 

Jeremy, which in reality is not as bold as this upcoming move, spotted her in the produce aisle and decided to ask for her number. As a Harris Teeter employee, that was a pretty bold move if you ask me. After a little small talk, Ashlee agreed to share her phone number and it didn’t take long before their first date. How long you ask? TWO whole days! Yes, their first date was two whole days after they exchanged info. For their first date, they talked over Mexican chips and salsa and hit it off. This caring and loving relationship continued growing into days, weeks, and years.

Six years later, exactly on the date of their first date anniversary, Jeremy knew asking Ashlee to be his wife on that date was the best anniversary gift. They spent the day at the beach and went for dinner at Rudee’s with family and friends. 

There, with the beautiful water as the backdrop, Jeremy proposed in the middle of the restaurant in the outdoor area. Fast forward to 2019, and they planned a fun wedding and ceremony at the always great Traditions Catering on the Chesapeake Golf Club.

Since I am so behind on blogging you will get to see those pictures in a few weeks but for now, enjoy these lovely engagement sessions before seeing their wedding fun! 

Stay tuned!