Princess Anne Country Club Wedding | Cassandra & Seth

Cassandra and Seth

So in love with Cassandra and Seth and their Princess Anne Country Club Wedding. 

Their wedding on the blog today is a testimony on how behind on blogging I am. I can’t keep up! I would definitely pay someone else to do these blog posts but I enjoy telling you about my couples from my view too much and not the view of a stranger who was never present through their journey.  So, Cassandra and Seth got married in October of 2018. My goodness, is almost a year from their wedding!  I don’t know why I haven’t blog it yet besides the fact of being busy. Their wedding was incredibly detailed thoughtful. I mean, when your baby pup cannot attend the wedding because is in a golf club, but you still want him to show up, you make him the center of each table. Literally.  Throughout their wedding, you could find little details from their journey together. Beautiful soft color palette that was the perfect tone for Cassandra’s lovely hair color too. The soft color palette complemented her, Seth and even Rudy, the pup.  

They had a romantic setting with candles, a beautiful table for remembrance and a whole lot of party . They exchanged thoughtful gifts which made me cry and laugh all at once and gave me portraits I love within 10 minutes. As a matter of fact, the image you see as a cover was Top 20% out of 45,058 pictures entered in a major worldwide contest. For 10 minutes for portraits, I’d say they did phenomenal! 

Cassandra is one of those bridesmaids who becomes my bride. She is friends with Scarlett, who got married to Dino back in 2017. I love when bridesmaids become brides! In reality, a referral is the best compliment someone can give me and I am thankful for each and all of them. 

Please enjoy some of my favorites from their day. 

Team who made it possible:

Princess Anne Country Club indoors ceremony

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