Munden Point Park Engagement | Kaitlyn and Joe

      Munden Point Park Engagement

      Kaitlyn and Joe


      This Munden Point Park Engagement is all about Microbiology and what a romantic subject is. Love is everywhere, just like microbiology! Ok, I am kidding. It is about Kaitlyn and Joe who met in Microbiology class. They study buddy together and after that first test, they had their first date. You can say that love is “bios”. Yes, I may indeed pun my way into this blog post and I have no shame. By the way, “bios” means life. *Insert smart smile here*

      Since then, they’ve watched the sunset on a Washington DC rooftop, have been each other’s career and life supporters and even started their traditions like Friday Dance and Homemade Pizza night. Nights like those, they light up the fire, make pizza together and dance their stressful week away. One of those nights, in front of the fire, Joe proposed with his grandmother’s ring.  Of course, Kaitlyn said “Yes!” and they are planning their 2019 wedding.

      I present you some of my favorites from their session but it is no secret that if they didn’t take the gorgeous pup below named Mr. Bentley away, this session would have been another subject entirely. Isn’t he the cutest thing?! 

      I am super excited to have been chosen as their wedding photographer too and can’t wait to share with you the day they will become Husband and Wife to the world!

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