Emancipation Oak Tree's Engagement Session
Daissy Torres Photography
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Emancipation Oak Tree's Engagement Session

The Emancipation Oak Tree in Hampton, Virginia is full of history, hope, and an eye opening experience. It is massive, beautiful and impressive. 

The moment I saw this stunning Oak, I knew I had to do it justice. I didn't want to just have them kiss under it, I wanted to portrait it's grandiose glory and embrace them into its nature. 

If you do not know its history, what it represents and the importance of it, I recommend a little research and  little stop by. It will not only impress you but also make you smile. 

We went to the Hampton University for an Engagement Session in late July with the though of walking around the university and find little spots to enjoy. Both Jaime and Sean are Graduates from Hampton U and the way they met each other. Let's say one stole the other's library seat and from then on a friendship and love grew. Followed by a proposal on the roof of the Chamberlin, a yes and a big upcoming celebration.  

Location: 100 E Queen St, Hampton, VA 23668.

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