The Culpeper Farm Wedding Photographer Review
Daissy Torres Photography
The Culpeper Farm Wedding Photographer

The Culpeper Farm Wedding Photographer Review

Courtney and Kendall's full Facebook Review for their wedding at The Culpeper Farm: 

"Daissy is an exceptionally gifted person whose talents are accentuated by her camera lens. She has the ability to read tiny moments, moments you didn't know were important, and reveal your greater truth through portraits. Daissy can anticipate the fluidity in emotion and movement, and she will stay with each and every moving story until the end, until she has captured memories that will prove timeless. That was important to my wife and me. 

Our wedding day had a lot of moving parts. We needed a photographer who could keep up with our party hungry guests and their unanticipated antics, as well as someone who could direct us because we are definitely not good at "smiling for the camera." It's been two weeks since our wedding day and we already have hundreds of pictures to enjoy. Daissy has captured sides of me I didn't know existed. She captured every single beautiful angle of my wife. Her use of light and shadows add depth of raw emotion that will force you to see the beauty that Daissy sees. And she found the personality of our family and friends that can only be told through portraits because words cannot do them justice.

If you choose Daissy as your photographer, you will see all the moments that are important to you and all the moments you didn't know were there."

Location: 2041 Indian River Rd..

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